Blue Star Deep Freezer

When you have to preserve foods for weeks or months between the temperature of -18 degrees, at that time the Blue Star Deep Freezer is used.

A deep freezer uses lower temperature consistently so that it can freeze the nutrients inside food within minutes to protect the of freezer harm from ice crystals developing in the item and save supplements better and more. If you use a Blue Star deep freezer for keeping the food, then you can store the food for a longer period of time than a refrigerator’s freezer and typically an independent machine.

Many major hotels, ice cream manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, etc., use deep freezers for storing foods to keep them fresh and long-lasting.

The Chest Type Blue Star Deep Freezer – Storage Freezers

Chest deep freezers are also known as Hard top deep freezers which have hard top lids on top. The material used to make those lids are of MS Steel.

Hard top deep freezers provide long-lasting freshness and are used to preserve frozen foods. Blue Star provides the following capacities of chest deep freezer:

  • 100 litre single door deep freezer
  • 150 litre single door deep freezer
  • 200 litre single door deep freezer
  • 300 litre single door deep freezer
  • 300 litre double door deep freezer
  • 400 litre deep freezer
  • 500 litre deep freezer

Chest type of deep freezers has the price as per the following:

Features of Blue Star Deep Freezer

  • Various range of capacities
  • Single and Double door
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Energy Efficient Compressor
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Lids can be locked
  • Wheels in the freezer

Blue Star Deep Freezer Price

Sr.No.ModelsCapacity( Liters)No.of DoorsMRP ( Call For Discount)
1CHFSD100DHSW95 liters118100
2CHFSD150DHSW145 liters120200
3CHFSD200DHSW192 liters122500
4CHFSD300DGSW285 liters128400
5CHFDD300DGSW300 liters228600
6CHFDD400MGPW400 liters232400
7CHFDD500MGPW470 liters236800
8CHFDD700DGPW665 liters257900
9GTOL110B110 liters120400
10GT200AG194 liters226500
11GT300AG/HG300 liters234600
12GT400AG/HG400 liters242800
13GT500AG/HG500 liters248900

Blue Star Glass Top Deep Freezer – Display Freezers

One of the most well-known kinds of display freezers utilized in the market is Blue Star glass top deep freezer. These top freezers have a double-layered sliding glass on the top to show the item inside the freezer. You will witness them for the most part of all Ice-cream outlets.

Glass top deep freezers have the price as per the following:

Features of Blue Star Deep Freezer Models

Half Cooler Half Freezer – Cooler cum Freezer

The main aim of the freezer is to preserve food at low temperatures while coolers are used for maintaining the soft drinks and beverages cold.

There was a time when refrigeration companies manufactured either coolers or freezers, but now-a-days due to less space, high demand for half cooler and half freezer is rising, which has been taken care of by Blue Star’s cooler cum freezer.

In the Half cooler half freezer, Blue Star provides a compartment with one side is a freezer and the other side is cooler. The freezer has a very low temperature for ice creams and other frozen foods while the cooler has a slightly high temperature for maintaining beverages cold.

Cooler Cum Freezer Price

Sr.No.ModelsCapacity( Liters)No.of DoorsMRP ( Call For Discount)
21CHFK300DGS150 liters185 liters35800
22CHFK500DGS162 liters319 liters47200

Blue Star Bottle Coolers or Chest Cooler

Depending on the application, whether you want to preserve foods at low temperature or to cool food items at normal temperature, you will have to decide between a deep freezer and a cooler.

In the event that your application is for a freezer, and you require very low temperature to preserve food, at that point you should go for a deep freezer. But if you only want to cool and require normal degrees of temperature, at that point you need the Blue Star bottle coolers.

Bottle Cooler Price

Sr.No.ModelsCapacity( Liters)No.of DoorsMRP ( Call For Discount)
1CHBK300MP291 liters127000
2CHBK400MP400 liters231200
3CHBK500MP500 liters234000
4CHBK300MS291 liters132700
5CHBK400MS400 liters238800
6CHBK500MS500 liters243000

Features of Bottle Cooler Models

Get the Best Deal of Deep Freezers from us

When it comes to value for money products, then Blue Star is the first choice of experts. Blue Star not only focuses on the sales but also on after-sales service.

Blue Star spent on R&D as well which makes them one of the best manufacturers in the field of deep freezers. They cover all the factors which should be taken care of by a deep freezer manufacturing company.

Ordering the product: To order a deep freezer, you can contact or email us on the given info, or you can fill up the contact form for further updates. As we are authorised dealers of Blue Star, we can deliver any deep freezer at PAN India level.

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