Blue Star Ice Cube Machine

In today’s world, an ice cube plays a vital role at every place. For instance, a style element for cocktails, a preserver of drugs (life saving drugs), and many more as per your usage.

We are Blue Star authorised dealers for ice cube machines (including all types of ice machines ranging from 15 kgs to 2200 kgs) and other refrigeration products. Blue Star is the world’s leading ice cube machine manufacturer that converts water into ice in five different shapes.

Blue Star manufactures ice cube machines in Italy, then market, distribute and service by the dealers across India. The machines are hygienic, and energy-efficient. We deal in all different types of ice cube machines.

Diced Ice Cube Machines

Blue Star Ice Cube Machine

Diced ice cube machines are the most commonly used ice machines among cafes and restaurants. It produces cut cone shaped ice cubes which are a refreshing experience for all kinds of drinks.

Diced ice is crystalline and compact in design which can keep the drinks chilled for a longer period. The technical specifications of Diced ice cube machines with its various variants are given below.

Blue Star Ice Cube Machine technical Specifications

SL 28SL 35SL 60SL 90SL 180SL 260SL 350CM 650
Production in 24h (Kg)1320294380100155300
Storage Capacity (Kg)44925406065
Cooling SystemAA-WA-WA-WA-WA-WA-WA-W
Kind of Cube55S-M-LS-M-LS-M-LS-M-LS-M-LS-M-L
Power Consumption20032037045080085014002600
Usable BINBIN T850
RB 280

Blue Star Ice Flake Machine

Blue Star Ice Flake Machine

Flake ice cube machines are largely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry or other medical applications. As it has excellent staying power, it can be used whenever there is a need for processing, transport and storage of food items.

Flake ice cube machines provide ice at -5 to -10 degree celsius with refrigeration temperature as high as -26 degree celsius. As the machine is used in the pharma industry, the power consumption kept at a slightly high level.

This ice cube machine has two variants and in the below table, you can find its technical specifications.

Blue Star Flake Ice Maker Technical Specifications

UnitsSM 1750SM 4500
Production in 24 hKg9002200
Cooling SystemA-WA
Electrical ConsumptionW46007000
Sizes (W x D x H)mm1107x700x8801062x832x1423
Usable BINBIN T830-BIN 1200 DD
RB 280 - DRB 1100

Advantages of Blue Star Ice Cube Machines

  • Power saving components (Preserve ice for longer duration)
  • Energy-Efficient design (Preserve ice ensuring low power consumption)
  • Safe to use (Ensures sanitised ice handling)
  • Perfect Shapes (Advance ice forming process control)
  • Water content control (Controls ideal ice and water ratio to suit the ice type)
  • Stainless steel body
  • Self-standing (Excellent insulation and long-term stability)
  • Compact design
  • Sprayers (Reducing the need for frequent cleaning)
  • Auto start and stop
  • Low noise

Commercial Ice Cube Machine

We also provide the best commercial ice cube machines and our commercial ice cube machines are very cost efficient. There are mainly two types of ice making machines including automatic and freestanding machines.

The automatic machine is installed with the fridge and it is best suited if you are in a steady need of ice. While, the freestanding machine is used when you are in the production of selling drinks.

Blue Star Ice Cube Machine Price

We provide all types of ice cube machines including Diced ice cube machine, Bullet ice cube machine, Pyramid ice cube machine, Flake ice cube machine, and Snow making ice cube machine. The price of ice machines varies as the production and storage capacity of each machine differs.

Generally, the life of Blue Star ice cube machines are quite lengthy with minimal maintenance, so it is a one-time investment. The price of Blue Star ice machines are mentioned below.

ModelsProduction in 24 HoursTypeMRP ( Call For Discount)
SL35AG20 KgIce Cuber75600
SL60AG32 KgIce Cuber95900
SL90AG46 KgIce Cuber120800
SL 180 AG88 KgIce Cuber145000
SL260AG100 KgIce Cuber170500
SL350AG155 KgIce Cuber225900
CM650AG300 KgIce Cuber368800
SLF190AG95 KgIce Flake184400
SLF320AG155 KgIce Flake230500

Blue Star Ice Cube Machine Models

For Bullet, Pyramid, and Snow Maker ice cube machines price, feel free to contact us. We will quote the price as per the model.


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Warranty and Service

Blue Star products cover 1 year of warranty. You will find Blue Star service centres all across India or you can call on the toll free number for the same.

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