Blue Star Visi Cooler

Blue Star visi coolers and visi freezers are the perfect ways to store and display the products. With the help of vertical storage visi coolers and visi freezers, you can cool the products uniformly. As the product visibility increases, it helps in increasing the sales and profits.

Visi coolers and Visi freezers are vertical in height and have glass doors to showcase the products to the customers. They differ from the regular refrigerators because of those glass doors. The visi cooler has low emissive toughened glass which makes it durable and also helps customers to clearly see what’s inside the cooler.

Visi coolers are used to cool the food items (maintaining the temperature between 1 to 10 degrees). Some of the items such as beverages, milk, juices, soft drinks, cakes, pastries, packed vegetables, dairy products, and many others are used to store in visi coolers.

Blue Star visi coolers come with two variants that are Single door and Double door. The single door variants are 372 and 657 litres while the double door has a single variant of 945 litres. The single door variant uses eco-friendly refrigerants, i.e, R134a.

Because of ventilated refrigeration technology, Blue Star visi cooler provides uniform cooling across the cabinet.

R290 (energy efficient refrigerant) is used in the 1200 litre visi cooler which helps to lower the overall power consumption. The gross capacity of this model is 945 litres and the weight of the product is around 164 kgs.

The VC1200E model is a big size visi cooler which is mainly used for bulk storage. It has 5 adjustable shelves with 2 glass doors. The temperature of the cooler can be lower down in no time with the help of its powerful compressor. The cooler can be operated in a single phase with 230 V.

Features of Visi Cooler

  • UV protected sheets
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Energy efficient cooling unit
  • Uniform cooling
  • Self closing door with locking facility
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Back-lit canopy for merchandising
  • Product visibility with reflective glass

Blue Star Visi Cooler Price

Sr. No.ModelsCapacity( Liters)No.of DoorsMRP ( Call For Discount)
1VC65D55 liters114600
2VC95A85 liters122100
3VC125D130 liters124400
4VC150A140 liters124200
5VC175D170 liters127900
6VC190A165 liters132300
7VC250D220 liters133800
8VC275D250 liters131300
9VC290A285 liters137300
10VC325D300 liters139900
11VC400A385 liters146600
12VC415E372 liters151300
13VC590D530 liters274600
14VC750E657 liters184100
15VC1250E945 liters2123500
16VF375E300 liters181800

Blue Star Visi Cooler Models

Blue Star Visi Freezers

Visi Freezers are different from the visi coolers as they preserve the foods and beverages at a temperature of -12 to -22 degrees. Ice creams and frozen peas are the common food items that are stored in visi freezers.

Blue Star visi freezers come with 300 litres of gross capacity. They have only one variant, i.e, single door type. For easy arrangements, Blue star provides 6 movable shelves in its visi freezer.

Similar to visi coolers, visi freezers also have a low emissive toughened glass with great durability and allow customers to see the products.

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