Blue Star Water Dispenser

As the name suggests, a device that dispenses water is known as a water dispenser. In today’s world, a water dispenser becomes an essential part of our lives as it gives convenient access to water in households as well as corporate offices.

The water dispense has mainly three taps which include hot, normal and cold taps. The hot tap dispenses water up to 90 degrees while the cold tap dispenses water up to 12 degrees. There are various types of Blue Star water dispensers.

Blue Star Water Dispenser with Refrigerator

The water dispenser has the supplying capacity of 3 litres cool and 5 litres hot water per hour. This dispenser also has a 14 litre refrigerator mounted at the bottom, so you can easily store the bottles.

The dispenser is robust and made up of ABS plastic material while the tank is made up of stainless steel. You can see the LED indicator for hot and cold water.

Blue Star Water Dispenser with Storage Cabinet (Non-Cooling Cabinet)

The water dispenser has the storage cabinet (not a cooling cabinet) at the bottom. It has the same features and facilities as the water dispenser with a refrigerator, the only difference is that it has no cooling cabinet (or fridge).

This water dispenser can be used to store tiffin, and other food items at room temperature. It also has three taps that are hot, plain and cold.

Blue Star Table Top Water Dispenser

Table top water dispensers are suitable to use at residential as well as offices. It can dispense 5 litres of hot and 3 litres of cold water hourly. It also gives you the ability to store 5 litres of water.

This water dispenser has half the height of other dispensers as it does not have the storage capacity. Due to its less height, it can be placed on a kitchen table, small table, or any other place with less space.

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser becomes the most popular water dispenser as the bottle can be fit into the bottom, and you do not have to lift the bottle to place it at the top.

The durability of the water dispenser increases as the hot, plain and cold water dispenses from a single steep tap.

Technical Specifications of all Blue Star Dispensers

Features of Water Dispenser

  • Spill-proof bottle holder
  • LED indicator
  • Low power consumption
  • Durable stainless steel tank
  • High-efficiency compressor
  • Space-saving design
  • Separate taps for hot, moderate, and cold water

Blue Star Water Dispenser Price

Blue Star is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of refrigeration products. They not only provide the product, but also extensive service across India. You will get an affordable and reasonable price for the Blue Star water dispenser.

Sr.No.ModelCooling CapacityStorage capacityMRP (Call for Discount)
1BWD3TTGA2.5 liters / hr3.2 liters8600
2BWD3FMCGA2.5 liters / hr3.2 liters9500
3BWD3FMRGA2.5 liters / hr3.2 liters10800
4BDHPCF1( Black Bottom Loading)2.5 liters / hr3.2 liters16000

G Series Water Dispenser Price

The cheapest water dispenser you will get from Blue Star is the G series. G Series has all types of water dispenser models including, table top, normal standing, and refrigerator model. Below are the prices of the G Series water dispenser.

BWD3TTGA (Table top) – 8900 rs (MRP)

BWD3FMCGA (Normal standing with storage cabinet) – 9500 (MRP)

BWD3FMRGA (Water dispenser with refrigerator) – 10800 (MRP)

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Price

Bottom loading model is the most expensive water dispenser among all models. Apart from being convenient, they have a very stylish look with lots of space-saving capability. Bottom loading water dispenser has two types of models having a slight difference in their prices.

Bottom loading water dispenser (Black color) – 16000 rs (MRP)

Service and Warranty

With more than 60 years in the market, Blue star is one of the best and trustworthy brands for manufacturing water purifiers, coolers, dispensers, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. Blue star has service franchises across PAN India and you can use Blue Star’s toll free number also.

Blue Star is always known for its high quality products and strong service network across India. We can avail you with any type of water dispensers across Mumbai with proper service to resolve all your issues.

Most of the water dispensers come with two taps, i.e, hot and cold water taps. You can switch off the hot tap and use it as a plain (room temperature) water tap.

All the water dispensers come with a 1-year compressor warranty. You will have to remember that all the plastic parts and other external parts are excluded from the warranty. But, you can find the spare parts that are available in the market.

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