Blue Star BDHPCF1 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Black


  • Elegant and stylish premium look
  • Space saving and minimalistic design
  • Bottom loading design where bottle can be stored inside and lifting of heavy water bottles is not required
  • 3 no’s of taps are available with hot, cold and normal water options
  • Hot water tap with the lock for safety
  • High efficiency compressor
  • Durable stainless steel water tank


Blue Star has launched a new concept product, The Blue Star bottom loading water dispenser in the water dispenser product portfolio. It is quite difficult and painful to lift the cumbersome water bottle every time when refill your water dispenser. The new Blue Star bottom loading water dispensers come with a feature of convenient loading, so that you can slide it instead of lifting. Apart from being convenient, they are also stylish and space saving.

The model is available in black colour. This model comes without a refrigerator and you can slide the bottle inside in the given compartment instead of a refrigerator. This would help to avoid inverting the bottle and keeping it on top of the dispenser which might be, always difficult.

The dimensions of this model (W*D*H) mm are (358*386*1120) mm with a weight of 18 kg. The compact, elegant look has fetched the attention of many residential customers who are quite conscious on the water quality. Three water faucets/ taps of the unit provide water at three temperatures, Hot. Cold and Normal. The unit comes with a child lock facility for hot water faucet so that by any chance hot water tap got pressed inadvertently, hot water will not come out. The heating power consumption is 420 Watts and Cooling power consumption is 90 Watts. Durable stainless-steel tank is used for water storage inside the water dispenser.

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