Blue Star BWD3FMCGA Water Dispenser with Storage Cabinet or Non Cooling Cabinet


Description-Floor Mounted Water dispenser with storage cabinet (Non Refrigerated)

3 no’s of taps are available with hot, cold and normal water options

Floor mounted for convenient filling of water Push type taps for better strength

Hot water tap with the lock for safety

Non Refrigerated storage cabinet of 15 liters capacity is available to store Tiffin, plastic glasses, bottles etc.

Cold water tank of SS304 food grade for corrosion resistance and better hygiene

Cooling Capacity is 2.5 liters per hour Heating capacity is 5 liters per hour

Very compact machine with quiet operations Low power consumption

Conveniently removable drip tray Long lasting plastic front panel and taps

Bimetal sensors to ensure protection against overheating. Eco friendly refrigerant R 134A is used


About water dispenser

Blue Star water dispensers serve pure and clean water at the temperature you want. Perfect for when you want a hot cup of tea, a refreshing glass of lemonade or a plain glass of water. Apart from being hygienic, these dispensers are very easy to maintain and service

Model information

The Water Dispenser with Storage Cabinet or Non Cooling Cabinet comes with three faucets which gives water at three different temperatures, Hot, Cold and normal temperature. Faucet type are push type and comes with a child lock facility for hot water faucet so that by any chance hot water tap got pressed inadvertently, hot water will not come out. This is the floor mounted model available with the storage cabinet. The storage cabinet is non refrigerated and the capacity is approx 15 litres.

This unit is tropicalised for efficient cooling even in hot Indian conditions. Long lasting plastic front panel and faucets and stainless-steel tank for better hygiene maintains the product quality. Bimetal sensors ensures protection against overheating. The unit comes with dual colour of white and blue

The dimensions of this model (W*D*H) mm are (310*345*940) mm with the weight of 14 kg. The tank used inside the water dispenser is of SS304 with the storage capacity of 3.2 liter. The refrigerant used is R134a. Cooling capacity at 12 Deg C discharge is 2.5 liter per hour and Heating capacity at 85 Deg C discharge is 5 liter per hour.

Warranty and Service

There is standard 12 months warranty on the product and service calls can be logged on 1800209117 or


Being a plug and play product, it does not require any kind of installation. After opening the packing, you will see the wire and plug at the back of the unit. You can switch on or switch off the hot water and cold-water supply from the back of the dispenser. Kindly ensure that the heating tank is not switched on unless the inverted water bottle is kept on the dispenser and tank is full. Please do not turn the heating tank without water in the dispenser.

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