Voltas Visi Cooler

If You need to display the product and need cooling at the same time, then Voltas Visi Coolers are what you are looking for. Uniform cooling is what all products need and this can be done with the help of Voltas Visi Coolers. Then the product is visible, it helps in increasing sales and therefore you benefit a lot.

The Voltas visi cooler is a glass door vertical chiller. Normally people store such products in refrigerators. However, if they want to sell the product then glass door visi coolers are used such as the Voltas ones.

The Voltas visi coolers come mainly in single door models whereas double door models are also being introduced. It starts from as small as 70 liter and upto 425 liter. The refrigerant used is Eco friendly and therefore you are also helping the environment. Plus the Voltas visi coolers come from the house of Tata, India’s most friendly corporate house.

So you should definitely look into buying of Voltas visi coolers when looking for visi coolers. For you help, below we have mentioned the technical specifications of Voltas visi coolers too.

Voltas visi coolers have an aesthetic sleek design which are used for storing cold beverages, milk and dairy products. They are generally placed in retail stores to display the products directly to the customer.

Various models of Voltas visi coolers are available in the market.

  • 70 Litre Voltas visi cooler
  • 120 Litre Voltas visi cooler
  • 220 Litre Voltas visi cooler
  • 320 Litre Voltas visi cooler
  • 425 Litre Voltas visi cooler

Voltas Visi Cooler Models

Voltas Visi Cooler Price

Sr. No.ModelsCapacity( Liters)No.of DoorsMRP ( Call For Discount)
1VC GT 70 SD P70 liters116290
2VC GT 120 SD P120 liters119290
3VC GT 220 SD P205 liters128890
4VC GT 320 SD P320 liters131290
5VC GT 425 SD P425 liters242390
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