Voltas Water Cooler

Voltas water coolers are used in commercial as well as residential places. Apart from water coolers, they also deal in other refrigeration products such as water dispenser, deep freezer, visi cooler, air conditioner, etc.

Voltas water coolers are considered the best in the market as they use less space and are eco-friendly with nature. An IN-SITU PUF insulation ensures that water remains cool for a longer period of time which ultimately saves power consumption whenever there is a power failure.

Voltas Water Cooler Price

Sr. NoModel / DiscriptionCooling Capacity /hr.Storage CapacityMRP ( Call for Discount)
1VOLTAS WC PS 20/20 NP20 liters20 liters19390
2VOLTAS WC FS 20/20 NP20 liters20 liters21690
3VOLTAS WC PS 20/40 NP20 liters40 liters23990
4VOLTAS WC FS 20/40 NP20 liters40 liters25790
5VOLTAS WC FS 20/40 NP NCW20 liters40 liters27690
6VOLTAS WC PS 40/40 NP40 liters40 liters27190
7VOLTAS WC FS 40/40 NP40 liters40 liters29990
8VOLTAS WC PS 40/80 NP40 liters80 liters28590
9VOLTAS WC FS 40/80 NP40 liters80 liters31290
10VOLTAS WC PS 40/80 NP NCW40 liters80 liters29990
12VOLTAS WC FS 40/80 NP NCW40 liters80 liters33190
12VOLTAS WC PS 60/80 NP60 liters80 liters32290
13VOLTAS WC FS 60/80 NP60 liters80 liters34990
14VOLTAS WC PS 60/120 NP60 liters120 liters38690
15VOLTAS WC FS 60/120 NP60 liters120 liters41490
16VOLTAS WC PS 150/150 NP150 liters150 liters47890
17VOLTAS WC FS 150/150 NP150 liters150 liters51590
18VOLTAS WC PS 150/300 NP150 liters300 liters71890
19VOLTAS WC FS 150/300 NP150 liters300 liters76490

Voltas water coolers are the premium water cooler that comes with an affordable price. The overall price of a water cooler depends on its capacity to cool and store the water.

The two main categories of Voltas water cooler are partial and complete stainless steel water cooler. The price of a partial stainless steel water cooler is less than that of a complete stainless steel water cooler.

The capacity of Voltas water cooler starts from 20 litres which goes up to 150 litres of cooling. Below is the list of prices of Voltas water coolers with their cooling and storage capacity.

You can choose between partial and fully stainless steel Voltas water coolers. Basically, you have to first decide how much cooling and storage capacity you need, and according to it, you can choose the best Voltas water cooler.

Fully Stainless Steel Voltas Water Coolers

The fully stainless steel (FSS) of Voltas water coolers has six type of variants mentioned below:

  • FSS 20/20: The FSS 20/20 model has 20 litres of cooling capacity as well as 20 litres storage capacity. Refrigerant R-134a is used in this model and it has only one faucet.
  • FSS 20/40: The FSS 20/40 model has 20 litres of cooling capacity while the storage capacity of 40 litres. The eco-friendly refrigerant R-134a is used in this model and it comes with a single faucet.
  • FSS 40/40: The FSS 40/40 model comes with 40 litres of cooling capacity as well as 40 litres of storage capacity. Refrigerant R-22 is used in this model and it has only one faucet.
  • FSS 40/80: The FSS 40/80 model has 40 litres of cooling capacity whereas 80 litres of storage capacity. The refrigerant R-22 is used in this model and it comes with two faucets.
  • FSS 60/120: The FSS 60/120 model has two faucets and has 60 litres of cooling capacity while 120 litres of storage capacity. Refrigerant R-22 is used in this model.
  • FSS 150/150: The FSS 150/150 model has the largest number of storing and cooling capacity among all Voltas water coolers. The storing and cooling capacity of this model is 150 litres. Refrigerant R-22 is used and it comes with two faucets. The width of this model is around 22 inches.

Voltas FSS Water Cooler Models

Partial Stainless Steel Voltas Water Coolers

The features and specifications of partial stainless steel water coolers are the same as that of fully stainless steel water coolers. The only difference is that the outer body of these water coolers are made up of galvanised steel instead of stainless steel.

The models of Partial stainless steel Voltas water coolers are as follows.

  • PSS 20/20
  • PSS 20/40
  • PSS 40/40
  • PSS 40/80
  • PSS 60/120
  • PSS 150/150

Voltas PSS water cooler Models

Benefits of Voltas Water Coolers

Are you looking to purchase a Voltas water cooler for your house or office? If yes, then you should know the range of important benefits. Some of the major benefits are listed below.

  1. Energy Efficient Compressor

Voltas uses a compressor which consumes less power without affecting the cooling effect. You will get the excellent cooling at a much faster rate.

  1. Adjustable Legs

As Voltas provide the adjustable legs to their water coolers, it can withstand an uneven surface as well without any external support. The height of the water cooler can also be adjusted with those adjustable stands.

  1. Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of Voltas water cooler is seamless after the installation process. Voltas takes full responsibility for the proper maintenance of the water coolers.

  1. Convenient and Flexible

There are various types of water coolers available in the market, so you can choose the one according to your needs. The bottle-fed model can be used for smaller offices as they occupy less space while mains-fed models are suitable for bigger offices.

  1. Compact Design

Voltas water coolers are compact in design, therefore, they can be placed in small places too. The water stored in the coolers are safe for drinking as they are made up of pure stainless steel.

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