Blue Star 300 Liter Half Cooler Half Freezer Combo Freezer Cooler Cum Freezer


  • Model- CHFK300HGW
  • Cooler Capacity- 137 L
  • Freezer Capacity- 175 L
  • Dual compartment machine configured as freezer in one and cooler in the other
  • Two separate lids ensure independent access to Freezer and Cooler chambers
  • Temperature Range- Cooler- (2 Deg C to 8 Deg C)
  • Temperature Range- Freezer- (-18 Deg C to -20 Deg C)
  • Dimensions (W*D*H) – (1336*600*865) mm
  • Net Weight- 53 Kg
  • Easy to clean and maintain hygiene
  • Excellent drain design
  • Fast Freeze mode
  • Versatile wheels for easy movement and placement of unit


Cooler Cum Freezer is the product category which satisfies every refrigeration need of a customer. It is a dual compartment machine configured as one compartment of Freezer and one compartment of freezer. This is very easy to clean and maintain hygiene. There are two separate lids which gives independent access to freezer as well as cooler chamber. The drain facility is available in the cabinet.

Cooler capacity is 137 Liter and Freezer capacity is 175 L. The dimensions of this model are (1336*865**600) mm. Temperature range for cooler compartment is +2 to + 8 Deg C and Temperature range for freezer compartment is -18 Deg C to -20 Deg C. The net weight of this model is 53 Kg.

Cooler cum Freezer is widely used in the Supermarkets, Kirana shops, Dairies, Ice Cream Parlors where Milk and Milk based products such as cheese, butter, paneer, cakes and pastries, soft drinks, packaged water are stored in cooler compartment and Shrikhand, Ice Cream, Green Peas, Frozen products are stored in Freezer compartment. Due to low power consumption and optimum utilization of the product, it became more popular is short span of time.

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