Voltas Deep Freezer

Voltas is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to commercial refrigeration products. Voltas has various products such as deep freezer, glass top freezer, visi cooler, combo coolers, dispenser, and many others.

Voltas is incorporated with the collaboration between Tata Sons and Volkart Brothers. As India touches high temperatures in summers, still Voltas deep freezers provide a great freezing experience and freeze all the food products without affecting the quality of the product.

Generally, Voltas target hotels, restaurants, hospitality chains, and beverage segments. Apart from deep freezers, they also have bottle coolers which can be used for cooling the beverages.

Voltas Deep Freezer Price

Voltas products are the best in quality and the price of its deep freezers are affordable that fits in your budget.

Depending on your needs, you can buy one of the freezers that are hard top deep freezers, glass top freezers, curved glass top freezers, visi coolers, and bottle coolers. To know the price of Voltas Deep Freezers, feel free to contact us.

Deep Freezers of Voltas are tropicalized which means that they can work at high temperatures without any breakdown.

Sr. No.ModelsCapacity( Liters)No.of DoorsMRP ( Call For Discount)
1CF HT 90 SD P90 liters1
2CF HT 120 SD P120 Liters117090
3CF HT 205 SD P205 Liters122090
4CF HT 320 SD P320 Liters125290
5CF HT 320 DD P320 Liters225790
6CF HT 405 DD P405 Liters230390
7CF HT 500 DD P500 Liters234090
8CF HT 600 TD P600 Liters336890

Now, we will see various types of deep freezers provided by Voltas

Voltas Deep Freezer

The hard top deep freezers are mainly used to store ice creams, frozen foods, etc. They are aesthetic in design which gives a better look and feel. For cleanliness and hygiene, they have used stucco aluminium inner lining.

Hard top Voltas deep freezers are available in the market with different capacities.

  • 90 Litre Voltas deep freezer
  • 120 Litre Voltas deep freezer
  • 205 Litre Voltas deep freezer
  • 320 Litre Voltas deep freezer
  • 405 Litre Voltas deep freezer
  • 500 Litre Voltas deep freezer
  • 600 Litre Voltas deep freezer

Features of Hard Top Voltas Deep Freezer

  • Aesthetic look in design
  • UV grade plastic material
  • Environment friendly
  • Door lock for restricted accessibility
  • Wheels for easy mobility

Voltas Glass Top Deep Freezer

Glass top deep freezer is mainly used for storage purposes. People use these deep freezers to store and display ice cream and frozen food products. To avoid the cooling loss, Voltas use low emissivity glass in their glass top deep freezers.

Voltas glass top deep freezer further includes two types of models including flat and curved glass top deep freezer.

Voltas Flat Glass Top Deep Freezer:

  • 50 Litre Glass top Freezer
  • 110 Litre Glass top Freezer
  • 205 Litre Glass top Freezer
  • 320 Litre Glass top freezer
  • 405 Litre Glass top Freezer

Voltas Curved Glass Top Deep Freezer:

  • 300 Litre Curved Glass top Freezer
  • 395 Litre Curved Glass top Freezer
  • 458 Litre Curved Glass top Freezer
  • 538 Litre Curved Glass top Freezer

Glass Freezer Price

Sr. No.ModelsCapacity( Liters)No.of DoorsMRP ( Call For Discount)
1CF GT 050 SD P50 liters116590
2CF GT 120 DD P120 Liters120290
3CF GT 205 DD P205 Liters123990
4CF GT 320 DD P320 Liters130390
5CF GT 405 DD P405 Liters134990

Voltas Deep Freezer Models

Voltas Bottle Cooler

Voltas bottle coolers are made up of the same material as that of a deep freezer. They help you to store beverages and dairy products. These bottle coolers are horizontal coolers unlike visi coolers which have glass fronts.

The various capacities of Voltas Bottle Coolers include:

  • 90 Litre Voltas Bottle cooler
  • 120 Litre Voltas Bottle cooler
  • 205 Litre Voltas Bottle cooler
  • 320 Litre Voltas Bottle cooler
  • 405 Litre Voltas Bottle cooler
  • 500 Litre Voltas Bottle cooler

Voltas Bottle Cooler Price

Sr. No.ModelsCapacity( Liters)No.of DoorsMRP ( Call For Discount)
9CC HT 90 SD P90 liters1
10CC HT 120 SD P120 Liters119390
11CC HT 205 SD P205 Liters122090
12CC HT 320 SD P320 Liters126690
13CC HT 405 DD P405 Liters227190
14CC HT 500 DD P500 Liters231290
15CCHT 600 TD P600 Liters334090

Voltas Bottle Cooler Chest Cooler Models

Why is Voltas best in the market?

Now, we will look at some of the reasons due to which Voltas continue to be one of the best manufacturers in the market.

Product Range

Voltas has various products which serve different objectives of the customers. Each and every product of Voltas solves various problems in the market.

Product Quality

Voltas maintain the standard of their products as they deal with businesses majorly in the sector of hospitality, restaurants, bars, pharmaceuticals, etc. All the products of Voltas are made up with the latest cutting-edge technology.


Voltas has decades of experience in the field of refrigeration products. They have already tested and delivered hundreds of products providing the great experience to the customers.

Customer Service

The breakdown of Voltas products is very less, still if there is a breakdown, you will get the quick service from the world-class refrigeration company.

To order the product, you can contact us on the given number or fill the enquiry form, and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

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