Voltas Water Dispenser

Voltas has been in the market for a very long time and they have great expertise in sales and service of Water dispensers and other refrigeration products. Voltas is one of the biggest brands in India for water dispensers that’s why we trust and deal in Voltas water dispensers.

There are a total of three types of Voltas water dispensers including table top water dispenser, normal standing water dispenser, and water dispenser with refrigerators. Apart from Voltas, we also deal in Blue Star water dispensers, so you can choose from both the brands. We will provide you the best rates for both the brand’s water dispensers.

Voltas has hot as well as cold water dispensers with various models available in the market. Those models are as follows.

  • Mini Magic Fresh F
  • Mini Magic Pure F
  • Mini Magic Super F
  • Mini Magic Table Top Model

Voltas mini magic model is the most demanded water dispenser in the market and it has been sold since 1960. As the demand for mini magic models increases, Voltas continues to deliver to the customers with excellent service. Voltas has thousands of satisfied customers in the water dispensers market.

Voltas water dispensers have 3 temperature variants that are hot, normal, and cold. They are the only brand in the market who provide all three temperatures in the water dispensers. Still, Voltas water dispensers price less than the other available in the market.

With the help of cold tap, you can serve chilled water in hot summer; you can make a cup of tea or espresso using hot tap; and the normal water can be used while cooking the food.

Voltas Mini Magic Water Dispensers

Voltas mini magic pure T water dispenser is suitable for homes as well as offices as they are stylish and compact in design. You will find 3 separate faucets for hot, normal and cold water. The cooling capacity of this model is 3 litres per hour while the heating capacity is 5 litres per hour.

Voltas used anti-corrosive material in the water dispenser body for a long-lasting performance, and has a hot dispenser safety lock to avoid burning accidents. It consumes only 80-85 watts which is comparatively low from others.

This model comes under the category of table top model. As the water insertion is automatic so you don’t need to fill water manually.

The second model is Voltas mini magic Pure R or Super R. The refrigerator is in-built in both the models while there is a slight difference between the two water dispensers. The pure R mini magic water dispenser has only two options (hot and cold) while the super R mini magic water dispenser has three options (hot, normal and cold).

The Super R model is more sturdy and rigid as it has a larger inbuilt refrigerator as compared to the pure R model. Even, the electricity consumption of Super R mini magic is less than that of pure R mini magic water dispensers.

Why to Buy a Water Dispenser?

The first task of a water dispenser is to provide clean and fresh drinking water. But, Voltas water dispensers provide other benefits as well.

  1. Potable Water

Unlike tap water, it does not include any chemicals. Many of the water dispensers have water purifier inbuilt which makes water healthy for drinking. Therefore, there is no bacteria and other contaminants in the water.

  1. Hot, Normal and Cold Water

Irrespective of the weather, you can have hot, normal and cold water according to your needs which makes everyone comfortable (mostly in the corporate offices). Apart for water, you can also use hot water to make tea and coffee.

  1. Storage

There are water dispensers which come with a storage cabinet so that you don’t have to fill the bottles repeatedly one after the other. Additionally, there is no chance of contamination of water when compared to normal water storage.

  1. Portability

If you have a dedicated space available with you, you can go for a freestanding water dispenser whereas if you don’t have any space, then you can use a wall-mounted water dispenser. Apart from the wall-mounted water dispenser, all others are easily portable.

Voltas Water Dispenser Price

Sr. NoModel / DiscriptionCooling Capacity /hr.Storage CapacityMRP ( Call for Discount)
1WD Minmagic Pure T2.5 liters3.2 liters7990
2WD Minmagic Pure F2.5 liters3.2 liters8990
3WD Minmagic Pure R2.5 liters3.2 liters10190
4WD Minmagic Pearl RB2.5 liters3.2 liters10390

You can contact us for the updated price of Voltas water dispensers. As the company always updates the price of their products, we recommend you to first confirm the price before you make an actual buy.

Voltas water dispenser comes with 1 year of warranty. The customer support of Voltas is up to the mark and you can contact for any assistance you need. Within the warranty period, you can replace or repair your water dispenser with ease.

We are the authorised dealers for Voltas products including water dispensers, water cooler, deep freezer, and many others. If you are looking to purchase Voltas water dispenser, then you can contact us on the given number or fill the contact form below for the further process.

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